Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Spring is here at George Hall! We had our local Cub Scout Pack spend a Saturday working around campus to weed the gardens.  Then a group of volunteers, including students in grades K-3 planted succulents and flowers in our flower boxes and painted the flower boxes in the lunch court.  Our living wall is in full bloom.  We have a team of T-K and Kindergarten parents who are planting flowers on the Kindergarten yard and building planter boxes, involving students in the project at recess.  Our mission is to create a "green team" or garden club that is enriching our campus and outside environment.


For students in third - fifth grade, the month of May will be a time to focus and concentrate on our upcoming CAASPP testing.  Please be sure your child gets plenty of sleep and eats breakfast.  The best preparation for CAASPP testing is high quality, engaging instruction and learning experiences all year long.  We are confident that students are prepared to take these summative assessments that will give information about growth and proficiency.  

During Staff Appreciation week, we were showered with notes, flowers, compliments, words of appreciation and lunch, breakfast and snacks.  It was an uplifting, positive week and all staff are  grateful for the George Hall community and the show of support.

We are busy investigating, and following our questions and curiosity.  Our second grade classes are immersed in a project around the study of maps and love to play the role of Cartographer.  This has some application at school, because in the near future we will be working with a district team to identify a place for our new MUR building.  We may have some second grade Cartographers who can weigh in on the project.

We hope to see you at our event on Friday, May 11 and please check our George Hall app for upcoming events or see our PTA web page for more details.


Kristen Ugrin