2nd Grade - Ms. Rauch

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Welcome to Room 6!

Please check your child's homework folder at the start of each week to find the classroom newsletter.  The newsletter will highlight books and content standards we're focusing on that week in class.  It will also list important dates and upcoming events.


We are scheduled to visit the school library every Wednesday.  Second graders are invited to check out two books every week.  They'll be checked out to your child for one week.  Students do have the option to renew their books.  This is especially helpful with chapter books!


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ms. christy rauch Room 6

 (650) 638-2703


What's for lunch?

You'll find this month's menu on the school district website


Want to know more about the PTA?

Check out the PTA website

Want to know more about the school district's guidelines around food on campus? 

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