Mouse Squad

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Mouse Squad - Fourth & Fifth Grade Students

An innovative youth development program, MOUSE Squad prepares and supports students in establishing and managing leading edge technical support help desks in their schools. MOUSE Squad improves a school’s ability to use technology to enhance learning, while also providing a powerful, hands-on 21st century learning experience for students.

Why MOUSE Squad?

Today's knowledge economy demands a new kind of learning environment. For educators -- schools, community organizations, and parents -- our responsibility is to shape opportunities for youth that help build the skills, ideas, and attitudes to help them succeed in work and life.

Young people face more daunting criteria for success than ever before. Work requires employees who can effectively use technology for productivity, information analysis, communication, and all facets of creative work. But perhaps more daunting is the reality that success follows skills like these only when individuals are as savvy with leadership, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. To prepare students for success, our schools must offer frameworks that not only integrate technology into the teaching and learning process, but model environments where work and life skills are seen just as critical as hard skills.

This is where MOUSE Squad comes in. MOUSE Squad is a cost-effective solution to the problem of inadequate levels of on-site support in schools and the need to serve the 21st century educational needs of students. Rather than looking outside the school community to create the basic level of computer troubleshooting and maintenance support needed to assist teachers in their work to integrate technology into teaching and learning, MOUSE Squad draws upon the motivation, skills, and abilities of any school’s greatest resources – its students.

MOUSE Squad provides upper-elementary, middle, and high school students with opportunities to develop 21st century skills and apply them as they solve technical problems faced by their schools. The program, modeled on industry-standard help desks in business and industry, prepares and supports participants in the cultivation of technical and leadership skills needed for success in all work environments.