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Special Education

We offer Special Education programs for children who have special needs and meet the eligibility requirements specified in Federal and State regulations. Special Education programs include:

Special Day Classrooms

We have 4 district Special Day classrooms on our campus. These students come to us from all over the district and serve students with more intensive learning needs for the majority of the school day. We also have 1 special day class with students from all over the County. We mainstream SDC students for Social Studies, Science, PE and any other subject that is appropriate for the student.

Resource Specialist Program

Our Resource Specialist Teacher serves students who have been identified with a specific learning disability. She provides direct instruction to individuals and small groups for up to half of the school day. The RSP teacher also helps classroom teachers to identify and assess students with learning needs, assists in the preparation and implementation of instructional plans, monitors student progress, and provides inservice training at the school.

Speech and Language Therapy

These services are provided to students with moderate to severe communication disorders and who meet the eligibility requirements specified in Federal and State regulations.

Related Services

Students who are eligible for Special Education under eligibility requirements specified in Federal and State regulations may receive related services such as Occupational Therapy, Audiology, and Adapted Physical Education.

The Youth Services Bureau provides a psychologist intern each year to work with some students one-on-one or in small groups. These groups focus on pragmatic social skills and give students plenty of opportunity to practice using these new skills.