Language Enriched Preschool

Language Enriched Preschool

Program Overview

Developmental/Play-based Preschool...

Where children
Discover new skills,
Acquire new knowledge,
Gain new confidence,
Form new friendships,
And become curious learners.

Our George Hall  Developmental/Play-based Preschools provide comprehensive learning with rich academic and social opportunities for preschool students in a friendly and welcoming environment. We recognize that children come to school with their own unique experiences and learning styles and with an innate desire to learn. Our highly trained and caring teachers provide a stimulating and enriched environment that develops each child’s love of learning, self-esteem,
autonomy, and respect of self and others.

It does appear that the childhood years provide a moment when a door opens for all children, and the future is within reach.

Our curriculum is based on children’s interests and proven child development practices that recognizes play as the natural way through which children learn. Our children learn about the world
around them through meaningful interactions with adults, children materials and their environment. Our program blends teacher directed and child-initiated activities; quiet and active projects; large group, small group and individual activities, and indoor and outdoor time. The development of the “whole child” is nurtured and valued.

90% of a child’s brain is developed within the first five years of life.

Throughout the day, children are engaged in activities that support their developmental needs. Our preschool program provides a language-rich and print-rich environment that supports children’s language and literacy development to lay the foundation for success in language arts in kindergarten and beyond. Science, math, art and cooking projects allow for exploration, observation and experimentation. Through meaningful and relevant activities, children acquire kindergarten readiness skills and the disposition to be life-long learners.

The first five years of life offer a precious opportunity
for children to receive the nurturing and stimulation necessary
to be successful in school and to grow into constructive, productive adults.

Language Enriched Preschool

Mrs. shala moaydei