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Traffic & Parking

There are a few main problems with the traffic flow on San Miguel Way.

First, some cars are arriving late and are therefore inclined to break the traffic rules.
Second, parents are parking in the white curb unloading zone and leaving their cars there or pulling into the Staff Only parking lot.

There has also been a problem with parents blocking our neighbor’s driveways.  When many of these parents are choosing to park their cars in our white curb unloading zone it makes other parents feel like they need to double park or have their kids jaywalk. We have student supervision from 7:45-8:00am.  This year we have implemented a drop off zone in the front of the school.   Please pull through the cones to unload your children and then they can walk by themselves to the amphitheater for supervision. Our preschool parents must walk their children into class because they need to physically sign their children into class. We are asking all parents to make sure that they are not parking in a white loading zone, in the Staff Only parking lot or blocking our neighbor’s driveways.  We greatly appreciate your efforts to do the following to help keep our students safe. We are trying to teach our students to be respectful and follow rules. The bottom line is we don’t want ONE student hurt and we can’t do this without your support! This means we need to work together and we need your help with this.