Parent Volunteer Hours

Parent Volunteer Hours

Dear George Hall Parents:

We appreciate the time that volunteers at our school contribute to help our children. From volunteers at our school-wide social events, in the classrooms, on field trips or with administrative duties, they keep our programs running smoothly for the benefit of all our children. This help is invaluable to our school!

As a part of the support we get from both the PTA and the Parent Involvement Project (for the K and 1st classes), we are only asked to keep track of all volunteer hours worked for our school. Attached is a volunteer log sheet that will aid you in this process. Each person who volunteers can log their hours on this sheet allowing us to better keep track of hours. You may log your ongoing volunteer hours on this sheet attached or on any log sheet provided at social events or in each classroom. Don't forget the time you spend volunteering on field trips too! This sheet can be turned in at the office at the end of each trimester.

We have seen first-hand the hard work that the volunteers at this school put in to make this a wonderful school for all of our children! Thank you in advance for your help to keep track of your volunteer hours!

Volunteer Log Sheet